Yes!  I Wax It All…






And down there!

Pace Massage & Spa offers Facial and Body waxing!  We use only the gentlest professional grade hard wax for the body’s delicate areas. Waxing regularly will help to slow hair growth and soften the new growth. We recommend to re-wax every 4-5 weeks, as a professional wax lasts about 3-6 weeks depending on your rate of growth.

The benefits of waxing
Waxing removes hair from the root which results in hair-free skin for weeks. Waxing leaves the skin feeling soft even if you touch it against the hair growth side. Waxing is more long lasting than shaving. Waxing is a natural way of hair removal as wax is herbal. Waxing will eventually reduce hair growth.
~On the other hand~
Tweezing causes ingrown hairs. Tweezing is an easy way to break hair and a hair that is broken by a pair of sharp tweezers will often be pointed on the end, making it more likely to grow back into the skin, causing unsightly ingrown hairs. Plucking hairs is time consuming. Tweezing has to be daily. When you tweeze hairs, you’re checking each day for unwanted hairs that have appeared.
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